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from Spain
August 12, 2023
¡Muy recomendable! Creo que es mejor reservar una sesión de fotos lo antes posible (yo la reservé a las 10:00) y llegar al estudio con suficiente antelación para poder prepararse sin tener que esperar (a veces se acumulan grupos de personas eligiendo hanboks y los vestidores son pequeños). El fotográfo fue extremadamente profesional. Estoy deseando ver los resultados. Merece la pena reservar la sesión de fotos en Gyeongbokung (especialmente en otoño).
from Russian Federation
August 29, 2023
Остались под приятным впечатлением, но советую убедиться, что в этот день будет солнечная погода, иначе, дождь подпортит сложившиеся эмоции от поездки.
from United States
June 19, 2023
Mr Kim Young-Jin was a kind and patience driver.. He made sure we made to the Airbnb safely as well as made sure we located the host of our Airbnb. He also made sure the host took care of us since it was getting dark. Highly recommend to use your services again when we return.. thank you!!
from Ireland
June 7, 2023
Great service. The driver arrived on time. The transport was very comfortable, plenty of space for everyone and all our luggage. It was an added bonus to have the streaming service to keep the younger passengers entertained. Would recommend the service. Booking was easy and I received confirmation of booking and the driver promptly after booking.
from Malawi
January 2, 2023
Mr Kim very panctual and responsible but bit hard to communicate because he did not understand english.
from India
October 4, 2023
It was an amazing experience. I got ticket from here in discounted price. Actual price is 56,000 KRW but I bought for 50,000 KRW. First of all, I went to the kiosk to make the ticket but there came to know that there is no booking from this mobile number and reservation number. I was scared so I inquired at the ticket window and the guy generated it from his system. We spent the whole day there and time flew by.