Gangchon Rail Bike Reservation

Gangchon Rail Bike Reservation

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  • Ваучер за 24 часа

Бронируйте за 3 дней до 14:00 KST

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Gangchon Rail Bike Reservation

Бронируйте за 3 дней до 14:00 KST

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✓ The rail bike voucher will be sent within 24 hours.

✓ If reservations are made for Saturday or Sunday, the voucher will be sent on Monday morning.

 However, bookings for dates close to the boarding date will receive the voucher earlier.


Gangchon Railbike ticket only (no transportation)

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Gangchon Railbike Park is in Gapyeong, near Nami Island and Petite France. The old train tracks had been turned into a exciting rail cycling in the beautiful countryside near Seoul. Rail Bike is a great way to spend your time in the nature with friends or family.

Among numerous railway cycles in Korea, this course starting from Gimyujeong Station is the most popular! It's mostly downward which makes you feel like you are riding a roller-coaster at some point and involves the least amount of legwork. Buy Gangchon Rail Bike tickets on our website, great price available only for tourists will become a pleasant bonus.

✓ Rail Park in Gangchon offers you one way ride from Gimyoujeong Railbike Station to Gangchon Railbike Station 
✓ Free shuttle bus from Gangchon Railbike Station to Gimyoujeong Railbike Station operated by the Rail Park
✓ Boarding point is 1 minute walk from Gimyoujeong train station 
✓ Ending point is just next to Gangchon train station 
✓ 50 minutes of actual pedaling - not too physically challenging for any age 
✓ Rail way cycle has themed tunnels that add more fun!
✓  Pedal along the trail surrounded by the beautiful nature changing its scenery each season
Purchase Gangchon Rail park tickets at affordable price on Indiway (Funko) and have absolutely new travel experience.
things to do in Korea Gangchon Railbike
things to do in Korea Gangchon Railbike

✓  Take an exciting ride on the old train tracks just like in Running Man! Make reservation for Gangchon Rail Bike online with great discount.
Gangchon Railbike Running Man Cast Filming Location

✓ Besides the beautiful nature, you will encounter themed tunnels which will entertain you with unexpected settings. Here are some hints. The name of tunnels: Bubble Tunnel, Party Tunnel
Gangchon Railbike Themed Bubble Tunnel Party Tunnel

Give it a twist! Make your experience extra fun with VR experience. Additional payment on site. 
Gangchon Railbike VR experience


✓ The rail bike voucher will be sent within 24 hours.
✓ If reservations are made for Saturday or Sunday, the voucher will be sent on Monday morning.
✓ However, bookings for dates close to the boarding date will receive the voucher earlier.

Процесс бронирования

Step 1 - Choose date, time, number and type of each bikes and proceed to checkout page to complete payment.

Step 2 - Upon successful booking, you will receive a Voucher with Confirmation Number.

Step 3 - Show the Voucher on your mobile phone at Gangchon Railbike Ticket Office.

✓ The following options are more likely to be fully booked sooner: 2-seaters / 10am, 11am, 2pm, 3pm / Weekends
✓ In case rail bikes of your choice are fully booked, we will first ask for alternative time slots. If the alternatives do not meet your convenience, we will issue a full refund. 
Children above 3 years old are recommended to take his/her own seat for safety. Infants under 36 months may sit with an adult (on the lap), but note that insurance will not cover the extra person once you exceed the maximum number of people on a bike. (e.g. 4-seater bike for 4 adults with 1 infant -> insurance will NOT cover the infant)

✓ 2-seaters and 4-seaters will depart separately: usually 4-seaters first, then 2-seaters. If you book one 4-seater and one 2-seater, you will not be able to ride together back-to-back.

Gangchon Rail Bike 4 seaters and 2 seaters depart separately

Что нужно учесть

✓ You MUST show ConfirmNo not Order ID to redeem the paper railbike ticket.

✓ If you are taking public transportation from Seoul on weekends, leave at least 3 hours before your rail bike time. It may take up to 2.5 hours.

✓ The free shuttle bus from the Finish Point (Gangchon Station) to the Starting Point (Gimyujeong Station) departs 5-10 minutes after getting off the rail bike. If you miss the shuttle bus, you need to wait another hour for the next bus. (The shuttle bus leaves Gangchon Station every hour, at around 20 minutes past the hour.)

Take care of your belongings. The staff cannot help you find if it was lost during the ride as the area is vast and Railbike is scheduled to run every hours.

Как добраться

Address (English): Gimyoujeong Station (1383, Gimyujeong-ro, Sindong-myeon, Chuncheon-si, Gangwon-do)
Address (Korean): 강원 춘천시 신동면 김유정로 1383

Subway is the easiest, quickest way to go.

We do NOT recommend you to take the ITX. Many ITX passengers miss their train and wait for the next train for 30+ minutes. Then you will end up being late for the railbike. ITX does not save much of your time. Take regular subway if possible. => Subway Route Search

✓ Taking 'ITX + Subway' from Yongsan Station or Cheongnyangi Station (Line 1 / Jungang Line):

1. ITX to Gangchon Station or Namchuncheon Station
2. Transfer to Gyeongchun Line and travel one stop to Gimyoujeong Station.
- Please leave enough time to transfer to Gyeongchun Line.
- The total trip will take 100+ minutes from Yongsan Station, and 75+ minutes from Cheongnyangni Station

Click for more information on How to Go to Gangchon Rail Bike.

✓ After Rail Bike ride: Directions to Free Shuttle Bus back to Gimyoujeong Station from Gangchon Station
1) After the rail bike ride, the "Romantic Train" will take you to Gangchon Station, where you will be on a bridge overlooking a river. There will be a booth where you can view and purchase the pictures taken for you.
2) Turn left and walk slightly down hill.
3) You will pass by rest rooms until you reach "GS 25" a convenience store. At that intersection, turn left and walk straight across the bridge.
4) Turn right and walk straight a bit and the free shuttle bus will be at the parking lot. The total distance is around 500m.

Правила отмены

✓ 3 days(4pm KST) before the reserved date : 100% refund
✓ Date or time change is unavailable.


Being late for your reserved time slot is considered cancellation and no refund is given.

However, you can ask the ticket office if they can let you change to a later timing. This is against Gangchon Rail Park’s policy but they will try to help you as much as possible for foreign travelers.

Плохая погода

Rail Park operates the bikes despite rain or snow unless there is a storm or any other dangerous weather condition. In case of heavy rain, Rail Park will still operate and MAY or MAY NOT issue full refund. Funtastic Korea, as an intermediary, will follow Rail Park’s policy and refund accordingly in case of bad weather.


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