24-Hour Bike Rental Ticket

24-Hour Bike Rental Ticket

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24-Hour Bike Rental Ticket

Бронируйте за 2 дней до 10:00 KST


Mar-Oct: 09.30-18.00


✓You've been to the Rijksmuseum and Anne Frank, taken a canal cruise and gotten yelled at for taking a photo while standing in the bike lane. You've the tourist thing.
✓What next? Rent a bike and for 24 hours, you an Amsterdammer. Go anywhere, anytime, just like a local. This is your moment.You've already heard the furious bike bell "GRINGA-RING-GRING-GRING!!" telling you to get the hell out of the bike path. We know: it's terrifying. But now that you already know the rules, it's time to experience Amsterdam from the other side: the bike side. Everybody in Amsterdam rides a bike. There are more bikes than people in the city, and every day its citizens cycle more than 2 million kilometers! That's because Amsterdam is built for bicycles. Without a doubt, riding a bike is the best way to get around town. All you need to do is rent one.
✓Yellow Bikes has been in the bike renting game since way back in 1990. Centrally located, they offer a great range of bike tours, and of course, for the free-spirited: this 24 hour rental.
✓The staff is hyper-knowledgeable, fast, and friendly. They'll turn you loose on the city in no time.
✓NOTE: Amsterdammers ride their bikes in Amsterdam every day. You don't. Stay to the right-hand side of the bike lanes until you're comfortable. And watch how the locals use hand signals. Then do likewise.


✓24-hrs bike rental
✓Theft insurance
✓Free map with suggested routes

Процесс бронирования

Step 1 - Choose date, number of people and proceed to the checkout page to complete payment.

Step 2 - Check your Email Voucher.

Step 3 - Show your Email Voucher at the Ticket Office.

Что нужно учесть

✓Show your smartphone ticket at the office reception.
✓Grab a bike and make the city your own.
✓By pedal-powered two-wheeler is the way to experience Amsterdam like a real Dutchie For 24 hrs take your bike everywhere, save on transport costs, and best of all: no waiting for buses.
✓When you know you're going to be burning some calories, you can order an extra round of bitterballen, fries or whatever Dutch delicacy you're snacking on.

Как добраться

Nieuwezijds Kolk 29, Amsterdam

Время работы/Расписание

✓ 1 November - 28 February: 9:30 - 17:00
✓ 1 March - 31 October: 9:30 - 18:00

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