Taiwan Thousand Island Lake & Pinglin Tea Planation Tour

Taiwan Thousand Island Lake & Pinglin Tea Planation Tour

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Taiwan Thousand Island Lake & Pinglin Tea Planation Tour

Бронируйте за 4 дней до 10:00 KST

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From Australia
Использован   2018-03-27
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I really enjoyed the whole experience. The tour guide James and the driver Samuel were really friendly. We even fed the fishes!


A welcome break from the concrete jungle of Taipei, our Thousand Island Lake and Pinglin Tea Plantation Tour is designed to offer you a bounty of nature for 5 hours. Unleash your cameras as you visit the gorgeous Thousand Island Lake located in the South of Shiding District of New Taipei. Photographers and nature-lovers will love the colour combination of lush green islands floating over the azure blue lake. Proceed to the Pinglin Tea Plantation with its endlessly terraced landscape and a love for the world-famous beverage. The well-known Wenshan Baozhong tea is grown here. Surrender your senses to a tea-tasting session and proceed to visit the Pinglin Tea Museum with its abundance of information on tea-making which has been an integral part of Chinese history and trade.

✓Enjoy a relaxed coach ride from and to Taipei with stunning sceneries throughout the journey
✓Experience a stimulating tea-tasting session in a location known throughout the world for its tea
✓Get an insight into the time-honoured tradition of tea-making in Taiwan right from scratch.


Пример маршрута

Duration: 5hrs Morning Tour

Tour stops:
✓ Thousand Island Lake Scenery
✓ Pinglin Tea Plantation
✓ Pinglin Tea Museum (closed first Monday each month; visit of Pinglin Old Street instead)
✓ Tea Tasting

Место встречи

Hotel Pick-up: AM 07:30 - 08:00

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