2 Day Trip to California Redwoods and Alcatraz

2 Day Trip to California Redwoods and Alcatraz

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2 Day Trip to California Redwoods and Alcatraz

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What you get Day trip to Henry Cowell State Park:
✓Exploration of the age old redwood forests.
✓Spectacular drive along the coast in a motorcoach.
✓Exploration of the picturesque coastal village of Davenport.
✓Round-trip boat ride to "The Rock"
✓Entry and Audio Guided tour of Alcatraz.
✓Your Experience A two-day tour covering the natural wonders of San Fran.
✓Witness the breathtaking natural beauty and setting, take in the peaceful vibes and take a deep breath of fresh air.


*Day 1
✓Drive along the spectacular California Coast to Santa Cruz. Along the way, the coach will stop at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse - the first photo op of the many lined up as part of the experience.
✓Take pictures of the historic lighthouse and make your way into the mountains. Among the high altitude of the mountains is the famous Henry Cowell State Park, your destination for the day.
✓You can explore the famous redwood forests and embark on any of the many trails in the park.
✓Explore the many features and shops in the Park area which includes a Nature Center and a Gift Shop.
✓On the way back, you will be visiting the seafaring village of Davenport.
✓Explore the hamlet and learn about the coastal life from the locals before making your way back to San Fran for the night.
*Day 2
✓From Pier 33, you will make your way to Alcatraz Island. Alcatraz was an infamous prison, famed for housing the most notorious criminals, including Al Capone.
✓Explore the prison with an audio guided tour - with narration from ex-criminals and correctional officers providing a more surreal experience.
✓Learn the details of the many failed prison escapes and once you've satisfied your curiosity, make your way back to the mainland.


Meeting Point:
✓ Day 1: Gray Line Union Square Visitors Center
✓ Day 2: Pier 33 Ticket for Day 2 must be collected from the Gray Line Tour Center.


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