Baptistry, Sinopie Museum, Graveyard & Cathedral Ticket

Baptistry, Sinopie Museum, Graveyard & Cathedral Ticket

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Baptistry, Sinopie Museum, Graveyard & Cathedral Ticket

Book at least 2 days in advance by 10:00 KST

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09:00 - 19:00


✓Everybody knows Pisa's leaning tower, but the Piazza dei Miracoli (Square of Miracles) has plenty of other attractions that have helped it earn the name. The baptistry and cathedral are triumphs of medieval and Gothic architecture.
✓The Sinopie Museum gives you the chance to delve into the fresco-making process. And the stunning 'graveyard' has arches, tombs, chapels and a courtyard that give it a reverent air.
✓This ticket gives you skip-the-line access to these UNESCO World Heritage sites.Of course the Leaning Tower of Pisa is on your 'to-see' list, but Pisa's UNESCO World Heritage-protected (Square of Miracles), has plenty more to explore while you're here. This ticket gets you access to all the other significant buildings here.
✓The Baptistry of St. John is not only the largest baptistry in Italy, it's also one of the most unique in the country. Construction began in 1153, in the Romanesque style, and finished in 1363, in a Gothic style.
✓The mix of styles gives it a distinctive, yet remarkably coherent, look.The nearby Cathedral (Duomo) is dedicated to St. Mary of the Assumption and was founded in 1064. Its architectural style is a mix of Romanesque and Arabic, with elements of Byzantine and Mediterranean. You might think that hodge-podge of ingredients would make it messy, but it's a remarkably beautiful and coherent-feeling structure.
✓Though a 1595 fire destroyed many Renaissance artworks, the early 14th century mosaic of in the apse survived the fire. The Monumental Graveyard ( in Italian) contains relics, tombs and a beautiful tiled cloister. After being damaged by fire in WWII, it is undergoing restoration. Its frescoes are slowly being returned to their original locations.
✓The actual drawings made before the frescoes were painted (known as ) had to be removed following the fire and today they have their own special place: the Sinopie Museum. You can learn more about the ongoing restoration as you go through this small but curious exhibition, housed in a former hospital.
✓The Piazza dei Miracoli is an incredible place to soak up history. Of course you're here to get a glimpse of the rakishly angled wedding-cake looking tower, but the tourist who delves deeper into the history gets extra rewards - the area has been described as "one of the finest architectural complexes in the world". So don't just see a part of it, see the whole thing, with these skip-the-line tickets.

Important Information

✓Skip-the-line access to the Baptistry
✓Skip-the-line access to the Cathedral of Saint Mary of the Assumption
✓Skip-the-line access to the Monumental Graveyard
✓Skip-the-line access to the Sinopie Museum

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How To Go

Piazza del Duomo 56126 Pisa
Getting There
✓Bus: Red line to Piazza Manin (plus a 7-minute walk).

Opening Hours/Schedule

09:00 - 19:00

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No refund after purchase


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