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from China
April 19, 2024
from Taiwan
April 21, 2024
from United States
May 20, 2024
I was very pleased with the quality and appearance of the hanbok I shose. I am an older lady, and I wanted something simple and elegant, and the assistant quickly helped me find exactly that. The space within the shop is very limited and it gets crowded, but soon you will be out and on th brief walk to the palace with your photographer. Having hair arranged doesn't take long and adds to the overall illusion. My photographer was a sweetheart and a lot of fun to work with. His English, though limited, was quite sufficient for the task at hand. I am not very photogenic, but he helped me relax and took me to several locations in the palace grounds where he deftly posed me. It still makes me smile to think about him saying, "You stand HERE!" as he took the position he wanted me to assume and then directed the placement of my hands, gaze, angle toward the camera, expression, and attitude--simile, no smile. For sitting poses, he carefull arranged my clothing. Placement of hands, where to grasp the fabric, attitude of the arms--he was wonderful at all of it. The whole experience was a lot of fun because of him. I don't know his name, but he was the one to open the shop that day and check in the early arrivals, so I assume he is at least a manager of the enterprise. I look forward to receiving the photos when I return home. I'm sure there will be some to be proud of, because of him.
from Russian Federation
May 21, 2024
Все отлично
from Italy
June 15, 2024