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from Canada
August 5, 2019
Great for staying connected everywhere. Did not have a problem with the speed, could watch my dramas on the Go and could update all my social medias without a problem !
from United Kingdom
August 11, 2019
We had a fab day at Everland! The day was spent hopping from one ride to the next. Hope to come back soon 😊🇰🇷✌
from Germany
August 15, 2019
It was a lot to see in one day! To get an impression it is great! If you are with kids and you "only" want to have fun without walking then you should decide for Petite France and Rail bike only. But for us it was perfect. Even though travelling with a group and depending that they all come back to the bus on time!
from France
August 17, 2019
the show was great and the organization excellent. we had a lot of fun, thank you Indiway !
from Japan
August 18, 2019
from United States
August 19, 2019
Checkin was managed poorly, no signs for where to line up, we were pulled out of the line we had been waiting in, then told to join the back of the line again which meant losing our original spot. If we had known our table was reserved and it wasn't first come first choice, that wouldnt have mattered. So I would say to include that on the reservation that your table is already saved. The check-in person thou saved the experience by helping us out and giving us a great window table, she went above and beyond and thats why i give 5 stars! She was kind and professional and did something she probably didnt have to! but did because she was kind and considerate, all the staff were kind and welcoming - i think the only thing to improve on is the check-in instructions.