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from United States
July 28, 2023
Garden of the Morning Calm was a beautiful break from Seoul city life. Beautiful stroll through lovely gardens - even in the Summer it was worth a visit. Nami Island had lots to offer - took the zip line in which was well worth the extra expense … good food, lovely art displays and lovely natural landscapes. Rail bike tour was wonderful! Only complaint is we wish it were longer. Our guide Kevin was professional, informative, nice, entertaining and he kept us all on schedule. Highly recommend especially if Seoul is your only Korean experience so far!
from Spain
August 12, 2023
¡Muy recomendable! Creo que es mejor reservar una sesión de fotos lo antes posible (yo la reservé a las 10:00) y llegar al estudio con suficiente antelación para poder prepararse sin tener que esperar (a veces se acumulan grupos de personas eligiendo hanboks y los vestidores son pequeños). El fotográfo fue extremadamente profesional. Estoy deseando ver los resultados. Merece la pena reservar la sesión de fotos en Gyeongbokung (especialmente en otoño).
from Taiwan
August 22, 2023
非常好的經驗 已經購買兩次了
from Malaysia
August 24, 2023
Highly recommended and it is instant confirmation without any issue. I bought an hour before entering. The only thing need to sort out is car parking fee as not sure how to pay with the entitlement of this daily pass. If you are a tourist by public transportation, then there is no worry.
from Russian Federation
August 29, 2023
Остались под приятным впечатлением, но советую убедиться, что в этот день будет солнечная погода, иначе, дождь подпортит сложившиеся эмоции от поездки.
from United States
September 15, 2023
Overall amazing experience. Guide was great at managing the group and made the whole experience great. Bus was clean and everything on time. Thank you for the great package!