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from Singapore
November 12, 2018
Despite the slight delay in the tour coach to pick us up from Myeongdong and the relatively new tour guide who provided basic background info on Nami Island, Petite France and the Railbike, my friends and I had a really enjoyable experience exploring these 3 places. The coach was comfortable and the itinerary timing was good. Though we wish to have more time at Nami Island to fully explore the place and enjoy the beautiful autumn scenery.
from Viet Nam
November 13, 2018
A convenient way to visit Naejangsan. The park during its peak is amazing.
from Spain
November 13, 2018
The aquarium was fantastic, we really loved our time there~ Highly recommended :)
from United Kingdom
November 13, 2018
Booking and redeeming tickets were as easy as 123. If you’re coming from Nami Island using the shuttle bus service to go to the Rail Bike, make sure the driver knows you have a booking for Rail Bike because our driver decided that he would re-route to take more passengers to Nami Island. Reading some reviews, I’m aware that they have a strict policy about timing and you should arrive at least 20 minutes before your slot but because of bus driver’s decision, my carefully laid out timing was messed up. We got there on time of our booking thinking we need to reschedule coz we didn’t arrive 20 minutes before but luckily they just let us through as the other people went on to start their journey. We have missed all the safety briefing and they just kinda put us in our rail bike, told us to put seat belts and how the brake works then we were off. I guess it is pretty much common sense what we missed on the safety brief so I really didn’t care much as long as we avoid rescheduling coz we still had to go to the Garden of Morning Calm and it would majorly mess up our schedule for the whole day so I’m still thankful. The experience was very fun but my boyfriend was doing all the work coz my tiny legs hardly reach the pedals hahah so it must be tiring for him. I thought there would be a tunnel but there wasn’t one. It was very exhilarating riding through the bridge. You must try and do this when you’re in Korea. I highly recommend!
from Australia
November 14, 2018
Quick and easy service. And product has been constantly reliable and fast
from Philippines
November 14, 2018
I enjoyed this trip.Everland is like disneyland in Korea.Our tour guide,Tony from Ktourstory is very accomodating,guide us well & give us hints where to go first.I surely recommend this to my friend and book again in Indiway.😊
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