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from Singapore
February 25, 2023
Have a great time with the instructor ! Tiger been very helpful! Highly recommended ❤️
from Thailand
February 28, 2023
Super cool
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from Malaysia
February 28, 2023
Very good experience. Excellent.
from Indonesia
March 8, 2023
Me and my sister had a pleasant journey. We departed on time, given a safe ride, out tour guide Cory was really nice and even offered to take pictures for us. He also took us to a muslim friendly restaurant with halal food choice, since halal restaurant we googled was a bit far from the parking spot. Got plenty of time to enjoy the scenery, the weather was warm, toilets are everywhere. This is my second time using this tour service, although they changed the name
from Malaysia
March 12, 2023
Wow..a great package. We didnt take the shuttle bus. 3 days before the PIC contacted and informed on the sizes of the ski jacket, on the day anither person contacted to ask our time of arrival and upon arriving all the ski jackets were ready and we headed to our ski and boots rentals and the lesson started. No time wasted. Trainer spoke in English and was patient with all of us. Highly recommendable.
from Singapore
March 13, 2023
I bought the foreigners disc tics online at super last minute (early morn of same visit day). Aft payment i realised i might have misunderstd d visit date. I emaild them right away (8.18am) to enquire and they respondd v fast. V impressed with d svc! I got to visit Lotte World on same day (thurs). Even tho the crowd was small, still gotta Q 40mins for d roller coaster. Took othr 2 rides (bungee drop & gyro spin). Felt sick aft d gyro spin (spin is not my thg), n dats it. Walkd abt alil indoor (for small kiddies) & outdoor.