Tongyeong Coast & National Marine Park Tour

Tongyeong Coast & National Marine Park Tour

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Book at least 3 days in advance by 09:00 KST

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Tongyeong Coast & National Marine Park Tour

Book at least 3 days in advance by 09:00 KST


✓ Private van & Hotel pickup/dropoff
✓ English guide commentary

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Well-known for its uncontaminated, clear waters, Hallyeo Waterway flows from Odongdo island of Yeosu-si, Jeollanam-do to Hansando island of Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do and remains protected due to its inclusion in Hallyeohaesang National Park. The waterway is dotted with over 500 large and small islands and was the site of countless navel battles fought by Admiral Yi Sun-Shin during the Japanese invasions of 1592-1598.

Located on Mireuksan Mountain, one of Korea’s top 100 mountains, Hallyeosudo Viewing Ropeway is the only dual-cable automatic circulating gondola system in Korea. At 1,975 meters long, it is the longest tourist ropeway in the nation. The ropeway is made up of 47 gondolas and one freight unit. Traveling at an average of 4m/sec, it takes approximately 9 minutes to reach the summit station from the ground station.

The word “Dongpirang” is made of two words. One is “Dong”, meaning east and the other is “Birang”, meaning hill in a Tongyeong dialect. Tongyeong Agenda 21 which is an association in Tongyeong gathered people throughout the nation in order to paint murals on the walls of Dongpirang-gil Street in October 2007. Thanks to the participants’ paintings, this hillside village on the sea became a new place, revitalized by the art. The view overlooking sea of Gangguan Port is fantastic as well.

With almost 400 years of history, Tongyeong Jungang Market is a popular tourist spot in the city of Tongyeong, attracting tourists during weekends and even on weekdays. The market is located next to Dongpirang Village. In front of the market is Gangguan Port where a turtle ship (geobukseon) and fishing boats are docked. The spacious cultural venue called Munhwa Madang is quite reminiscent of Byeongseon Madang, a place for anchoring or mooring warships in the past. As the market is located close to the coastline, fresh fish and dried fish make up a huge part of the market’s offerings. Here, visitors can also find mother-of-pearl inlaid wares, quilted products, and rice cakes.

Important Information

1 pax: ₩378,000 / person    ( ₩378,000 / group)
2 pax: ₩189,000 / person    ( ₩378,000 / group)
3 pax: ₩126,000 / person    ( ₩378,000 / group)
4 pax: ₩94,500 / person    ( ₩378,000 / group)
5 pax: ₩92,400 / person    ( ₩462,000 / group)
6 pax: ₩77,000 / person    ( ₩462,000 / group)
7 pax: ₩66,000 / person    ( ₩462,000 / group)

Infants (0-23 months): Free of charge. Please inform the tour operator after booking. (Contact number will be in your voucher.) if you have infants.
✓ Private van & Hotel pickup/dropoff
✓ English guide commentary
✗ Admission Fee*
✗ Meal
* Admission Fee : Cable Car ₩10,000 / Boat ride ₩5,250 / Art Craft Experience ₩10,000 (optional)


Estimated Time Itinerary
08:00am Hotel Pickup (Busan)
10:00am - 12:00pm Hallyeosudo Cable Car*
Dongpirang Village
12:00pm - 07:00pm Lunch
> Samdosuguntongjeyeong Street / Jungang Traditional Market
> Jeseungdang Shirine in Hansan Island by Boat
>Tongyeong Traditional Art Craft Experience (optional), Or Driving to Dara Park to See the Sunset along the Sanyang Beach Circle Road
07:30pm Hotel Drop off (Busan)

* Cable Car is closed on the 2nd & 4th Monday
✓ This schedule is for reference only and is subject to change.
✓ Traveling time may take as much as twice the normal time on Weekends and Public Holidays.

Meeting Location

✓ Tour guide will pick you up at your hotel lobby
✓ In case your accommodation is not approachable by van, pickup location may be at the nearest subway station instead.
✓ Exact pickup location/time will be specified in your Email Voucher

Booking Process

Step 1 - Choose date, number of people, pickup location and then complete payment

Step 2 - Check your Email Voucher

Step 3 - Meet the tour staff and show your Email Voucher

✓ If you are bringing any extra luggage such as a baby stroller or wheelchair, Please inform the tour operator after booking. (Contact number will be in your voucher.)

Cancellation Policy

✓ 100% refundable until 3 days (by 4pm K.S.T.) prior to travel date.
✓ 50% refundable until 2 days (by 4pm K.S.T.) prior to travel date.
✓ Not refundable after 4pm of 2 days prior to travel date.

✓ Change requests accepted until 3 days (by 4pm K.S.T.) prior to travel date.


✓ Being late for tour pickup without prior contact will result in a shorter tour or cancellation.

Bad weather

✓ Tour operates per normal even if it rains or snows. Regular Cancellation Policy will apply.
✓ Only in the case of government-issued warning for natural disaster, free date change or cancellation will be allowed.


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