West Coast & Ganghwa Island UNESCO Tour

West Coast & Ganghwa Island UNESCO Tour

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West Coast & Ganghwa Island UNESCO Tour

Book at least 3 days in advance by 09:00 KST


✓ Private van & Hotel pickup/dropoff
✓ English guide commentary

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Ganghwa island is the fifth largest island in Korea and is located in the West Sea. It is composed of 11 inhabited islands and 17 uninhabited islands, and its beaches are 99 km long. Recently with the creation of the Ganghwa Bridge, the island has become more like the mainland.

Because there were people living on this island from the prehistoric times, there are many ancient artifacts on the island. The most famous of these are the Goindol Rocks, designated as World’s Cultural Treasure. The Goindol graves are where the rulers of the Ganghwa Island in the Bronze Age are buried. There are about 80 of these stone graves around the island. There is also evidence of the Dangunwanggeom, the founding figure of Korea whose life marks the beginning of Korean history.

‘Dolmens’ are stone graves/tombs which date back to the pre-historic era. Dolmens are largely concentrated in Northeast Asia with Korea alone being home to a total of around 30,000 dolmens.

The dolmens in this region are found in unusual altitudes of 100-200m above sea level and reveal important information about the prehistoric period. The Ganghwa Dolmen site was registered as a UNESCO World Heritage in Nov. 29th. You may enjoy the best view of this historic site around sunset.

Ganghwa Traditional Market offers a superb quality of Korean Ginseng and various food and living stuff along with the rural atmosphere, even folk flea market is being held which ends in date ‘2’ and ‘7’, so every 2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th like that.

Important Information

1 pax: ₩356,400 / person    ( ₩356,400 / group)
2 pax: ₩178,200 / person    ( ₩356,400 / group)
3 pax: ₩118,800 / person    ( ₩356,400 / group)
4 pax: ₩89,100 / person    ( ₩356,400 / group)
5 pax: ₩84,000 / person    ( ₩420,000 / group)
6 pax: ₩70,000 / person    ( ₩420,000 / group)
7 pax: ₩60,000 / person    ( ₩420,000 / group)

Infants (0-23 months): Free of charge. Please inform the tour operator after booking. (Contact number will be in your voucher.) if you have infants.
✓ Private van & Hotel pickup/dropoff
✓ English guide commentary
✗ Admission Fee*
✗ Meal
* Admission Fee : Ganghwa History Museum Krw 2,000 / Ganghwa Peace Observatory Krw 2,500 / Gwangseongbo Krw1,100 / Jeondeungsa Temple Krw 3,000


Estimated Time Itinerary
09:00am Hotel Pickup
10:00am - 12:00pm Ganghwa History Museum*
Ganghwa Peace Observatory
12:00pm - 07:00pm Lunch
Ganghwa Traditional Market
Jeondeungsa Temple
07:00pm Hotel Drop off

* Ganghwa History Museum is closed on every Monday.
✓ This schedule is for reference only and is subject to change.
✓ Traveling time may take as much as twice the normal time on Weekends and Public Holidays.

Meeting Location

✓ Tour guide will pick you up at your hotel lobby
✓ In case your accommodation is not approachable by van, pickup location may be at the nearest subway station instead.
✓ Exact pickup location/time will be specified in your Email Voucher

Booking Process

Step 1 - Choose date, number of people, pickup location and then complete payment

Step 2 - Check your Email Voucher

Step 3 - Meet the tour staff and show your Email Voucher

✓ If you are bringing any extra luggage such as a baby stroller or wheelchair, Please inform the tour operator after booking. (Contact number will be in your voucher.)

Cancellation Policy

✓ 100% refundable until 3 days (by 4pm K.S.T.) prior to travel date.
✓ 50% refundable until 2 days (by 4pm K.S.T.) prior to travel date.
✓ Not refundable after 4pm of 2 days prior to travel date.

✓ Change requests accepted until 3 days (by 4pm K.S.T.) prior to travel date.


✓ Being late for tour pickup without prior contact will result in a shorter tour or cancellation.

Bad weather

✓ Tour operates per normal even if it rains or snows. Regular Cancellation Policy will apply.
✓ Only in the case of government-issued warning for natural disaster, free date change or cancellation will be allowed.


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