1N2D 2N3D Alpensia Ski Snowboard Package & Accommodation (Dayshill Pyeongchang)

1N2D 2N3D Alpensia Ski Snowboard Package & Accommodation (Dayshill Pyeongchang)

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1N2D 2N3D Alpensia Ski Snowboard Package & Accommodation (Dayshill Pyeongchang)

Бронируйте за 3 дней до 14:00 KST

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*Suite Room currently unavailable to book
This accommodation package is specially created due to limited supply of Alpensia Ski Resort accommodation


✓ 1N2D 2N3D Accommodation near Alpensia Ski Resort
✓ Ski or Snowboard clothes (Rental, 1 Day use)
✓ Ski or Snowboard equipment (Rental, 1 Day use)
✓ Lift ticket (1 Day use only)

- How about a Private Lesson?


Dec 21- Jan 3, Feb 1 - 9


Book the hassle free, Ski/Snowboard All-in-one Package! This package Includes room reservation at an amazing condo near Alpensia resort, shuttle bus service between Alpensia Resort and the condo, ski/snowboard equipment & clothes! 

This package was created due to high demand for Alpensia accommodation package during the peak season!

If you are interested in improving your skiing or snowboarding, combine this accommodation package with a private lesson(AMAZING Ski Team)

Alpensia Ski Resort

Days Hill Pyeongchang (Accommodation)
 2 mins by car from Alpensia Ski Resort
 Shuttle bus service from the Ski company for easy access
 Luxury and convenient accommodation (Google Rating 4.5 out of 5)



1N2D No.of people Price (Gold Season)
Standard2 ₩381,600
Standard3 ₩429,600
Suite4 ₩607,200
Deluxe Suite6 ₩1,118,400
Deluxe Suite7₩1,238,400

2N3D No.of people Price (Gold Season)
Standard2 ₩645,600
Standard3 ₩740,400
Suite4 ₩979,200
Deluxe Suite6 ₩1,766,400
Deluxe Suite7₩1,861,200

* Standard room is originally for 2 people. If you choose Standard room for 3 pax, 1 additional set of bedding will be provided.
* Deluxe Suite room is originally for 6 people. If you choose Deluxe room for 7 pax, 1 additional set of bedding will be provided.
* Price listed above is based on the weekdays rate (Sun-Thu). If your trip includes staying on Friday/Saturday or Day before Holiday, slightly higher rate will be applied. (Difference: approx. ₩80,000 per day)


✓ Accommodation (Days Hill Pyeongchang)
✓ Shuttle Bus Service (Ski Resort <-> Days Hill Pyeongchang)
✓ Ski Lift ticket (08:30-16:30, 1 Day only)
✓ Ski or Snowboard clothes (1 Day only)
✓ Ski/Snowboard gear (Boots, Ski Plate, Poles) (1 Day only)
✗ *Gloves, goggles, helmet
✗ Meals
Transportation from Seoul
(Click here to book shuttle bus)
✗ Lesson
(Click here to add private lesson)
*Below items are purchasable on-site.
 : ₩15,000 (purchase), Goggles : ₩10,000 (rental) + ₩10,000 (deposit), Helmet : ₩5,000 (rental)
You must return the goggles to receive the deposit back.

Unit Type Capacity Size Component


2-3 people (max. 3 people) 59.5㎡ 1 Studio Room + Bathroom


4-5 people (max. 5 people) 86㎡ 2 Room + Living Room with Kitchen + 2 Bathroom

Deluxe Suite

6-7 people (max. 7 people) 148.7㎡ 2 Room + Living Room with Kitchen + 2 Bathroom
* Standard (2 single bed or 1 double bed)
* Deluxe Suite (2 double beds, 2 single bed)

Пример маршрута

Below is only a sample itinerary. Itinerary is flexible as per your preference.
1) You can choose to avail the Ski/Snowboard package on Day 1 or Day 2.

Day Time Schedule
Day 1 Anytime between 08:30 - 12:30 Meet the staff at Alpensia Resort
Enjoy Skiing/Snowboarding

14:00 - Check in 

After Check in Free time
- You can continue to Ski/Snowboard or
- Chill in your room or
- Have a trip to a nearby attraction
Day 2 By 11:00 Check out

Место встречи

✓ Tour staff will contact you to arrange meeting(meeting time, location) once you have completed booking

Shuttle Bus Service (Alpensia Ski Resort <-> Days Hill Pyeongchang)
✓ From Days Hill Pyeongchang 
When: 08:00 / 11:30 / 16:00
Where: Inside Days Hill Pyeongcahng (Please check with Staff)
 From Alpensia Ski Resort
When: 13:00 / 18:00
Where: In front of Alpensia Welcome Center

Ski Team - J ski

Процесс бронирования

Step 1 - Choose the date and type then proceed to the checkout page to complete payment.

Step 2 - Upon successful booking, you will receive a Voucher with confirmed information.

Step 3 - Meet the ski staff and proceed to check in and enjoy skiing!

Что нужно учесть

✓ The ski company does not offer a deductible for bringing your own ski clothes, gear, and/or equipment for this package. (Including Ski Lift Tickets)
✓ To add an additional Ski/Snowboard package for another day, please speak to the tour staff.
✓ If your group includes a person who won't participate in skiing/snowboarding, please contact us upon booking so that we can deduct the amount. (59,000 per person)

Standard Room
In case you have preference over bed type(2 single beds or 1 double bed), please contact a member of staff with your booking number (Contact number will be provided in the voucher). It is not guaranteed your request will be accommodated as it depends on the availability but they will do best to accommodate your request.

Правила отмены

✓ 100% refundable until 7 business days (by 4pm K.S.T.) prior to travel date.
✓ Not refundable after 7 business days (by 4pm K.S.T.) prior to travel date.

✓ Change of date, pickup point and the number of people is possible until 7 days (by 4pm K.S.T.) prior to travel date.


✓ Being late or not showing up at the Meeting Point at Meeting Time is considered cancellation and NO REFUND is granted.

Плохая погода

✓ Tour will be conducted per normal in rain or snow. Regular Cancellation Policy will apply.
✓ Only in case of government-issued warning for natural disaster, free date change or cancellation will be allowed.


1. Some members of my group would like to choose a different activity (Ski or Snowboard).
At the payment page, please state the total number of people, as well as the number of people for Ski, Snowboard, and neither (each separately).

2. We are staying for a few days so don't want to take a lesson on the first day. Is it possible?
Yes. you can choose when you want the lesson at the payment page.


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