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KR Pass (Korea Rail Pass) Reservation

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  • 72 hour Voucher

Book at least 6 days in advance by 10:00 KST

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Book at least 6 days in advance by 10:00 KST

Latest Update

✓ It is highly likely seats are not available on dates near & during national holidaysTo avoid booking KR pass for dates with no available seats, please check availability on KORAIL website prior to booking.   

=> See all national holidays in Korea
Chuseok Sep 23th - 26th, 2018


KR Pass (Korea Rail Pass):
Unlimited train pass for a selected period of time, including KTX

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From France
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Very good experience ! You just need to book seat tickets afterwards for KTX travel.


KR Pass is a train pass exclusively for foreign visitors or foreign residents in Korea only. These special tickets will allow unlimited travel on KORAIL-managed trains for a certain time period.

There are no limits on the number of times you travel or where you travel during the duration of your pass. The pass may also give you additional discounts on accommodations and tourist attractions, helping you enjoy more of Korea!

Make your travel in Korea easy with KR pass!
Hop on any KORAIL-managed trains at over 600 stations spread over Korea. You can basically go anywhere with this pass! (Except islands obviously!)

The fastest and the most comfortable way to explore Korea.
KTX trains are known to be spacious, always kept clean, and fast with the crews offering the kindest service. Travel to wherever you want just in 2-3 hrs from Seoul.

Cost effective
As nice as Korail train and the services are, purchasing a train ticket per each route could end up quite pricey. Book KR pass instead and don't worry about buying a new ticket every time you have to transfer!
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 ADULT (13yrs+)CHILD (4-12yrs)SAVER
Consecutive 3-Day₩138,000₩69,000₩128,000
Consecutive 5-Day₩210,000₩105,000₩200,000
Flexible 2-Day₩121,000₩61,000₩111,000
Flexible 4-Day₩193,000₩97,000₩183,000

Saver Pass : Group of 2-5 people traveling on the same itinerary
Flexible Pass : Randomly choose travel dates within 10 days from the pre-selected first date of travel. Travel dates can be designated at the KORAIL ticket booth, or online at KORAIL My Reservation

✓ Extra fees will be charged for first-class seats.
✓ Free of charge for infants under 36 months old, when accompanied by a guardian paying regular adult fare. (1 infant per 1 adult)
✓ Choose Adult/Child based on date of purchase, not date of travel. If your child is 12 at the time of booking and will turn 13 by the time of travel, choose "Child".

KR Pass Includes:
High-Speed trains: KTX, KTX-Sancheon
Conventional trains: ITX-Saemaeul, Saemaeul, Mugunghwa, Nuriro, ITX-Cheongchun
Tourist trains: A-train (Jeongseon Arirang Train), DMZ-train, G-Train (West Gold Train), O-train (Central Inland Region Tour Train), S-train (Namdo Sea Sightseeing Train), V-train

KR Pass Does NOT Include:
- AREX, SRT, Metro

Booking Process

Step 1 - Purchase KR Pass at Indiway website.
Choose Date (1st date of travel), Pass Type, Number of Passengers, and then proceed to the payment page. Please remember to submit passenger information for all members of your group. You will receive your KR Pass via email within 3 business days of booking.

✓ We need below information to process your booking:
1) First (Given) Name, Last (Family) Name as written on your passport
2) Passport Number
3) Date of Birth (YYYY/MM/DD) 
4) Gender (Male/Female)
5) Nationality
6) Type of Pass (Adult/Child/Saver)
Click here to submit your information.
Please make sure that you submit correct information. Any incorrect details will result in an invalid KR Pass, and no compensation will be provided.

✓ Foreigners visiting Korea and Korean Nationals with Passport Residence (PR) are eligible to purchase a KR Pass regardless of duration of stay.(PR holders, foreign citizenship holders, and Koreans with long-term visas

Step 2 - Make Seat Reservations
Request specific train seats (train tickets) online at KORAIL My Reservation, from 30 days prior to travel date. Alternatively, you may also request seat reservations on-site at a KORAIL ticket booth.

*For Flexible pass users, please designate the rest of your travel dates first at KORAIL My Reservation
*Extra fees will be automatically charged should you select first-class seats. You may pay with credit card directly on the KORAIL website.

Step 3 - Print Train Tickets & KR Pass
After requesting seats, print out your train tickets from KORAIL My Reservation, as well as your KR Pass from the Email Voucher.

Step 4 - Enjoy Your Train Ride
Please bring your 1) passport, 2) printed KR Pass, and 3) printed train tickets on board for ticket inspection.

Things to Note

✓ We can issue KR pass only 
31 days prior to the 1st date of travel. In case you've booked earlier than 31 days, we will hold your bookings and process it when possible.
✓ Please bring your 1) passport, 2) printed KR Pass, and 3) printed train tickets on board for ticket inspection. YOUTH Pass users who are ISIC holders must bring their ISIC card.

✓ If you do not make seat reservations in advance (either online or at ticket booth), only standing tickets will be available.
✓ Specific seats reservation is available only 2 times a day. (1 time per each route per pass, Maximum 2 routes a day)

✓ It is highly likely seats are not available on dates near & during national holidays. To avoid booking KR pass for dates with no available seats, please check availability on KORAIL website prior to booking. (Standing seats will be still available.)
Chuseok Sep 23th - 26th, 2018 
See all national holidays in Korea

✓ No compensation for train delays or cancellations will be provided.
✓ Reissue or Refund for lost paper train ticket is not possible once you've collected it from a KORAIL ticket booth.
✓ Changing travel dates is possible only 1 time, when requested prior to the pre-selected first date of travel. Request date change at KORAIL My Reservation.
✓ Click here for product details if you received your voucher before Mar 29, 2018

Cancellation Policy

✓ 15 days prior to travel date: 95% refund
✓ 1-14 days prior to travel date: 90% refund
✓ After pre-selected 1st travel date: Not refundable

*If you have already made seat reservations prior to your travel date, please cancel your assigned seat first at KORAIL My Reservation in order to cancel your KR Pass.
*You must contact us in order to cancel your KR Pass booking. You may NOT cancel directly at KORAIL.


How to log in to My Reservation: If your KORAIL Pass number is 11111-2222-033333-44, input 11111-2222-33333-44 instead


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