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Vivaldi Park One Day Tour - Ski Snowboard Shuttle Bus Package

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Book at least 2 days in advance by 14:00 KST

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Book at least 2 days in advance by 14:00 KST

Latest Update

Dec 2018 - Feb 2019 now available for booking!


✓ Ski/Snowboard clothes & gear
✓ Lift ticket (6 hours)
✓ Round-trip shuttle bus
✓ Basic or Intermediate Lesson (*Optional)

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From Indonesia
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this is easy tour, great experience


Free & Easy Ski package has launched! This package includes ski clothes, ski or snowboard gears, lift tickets and round trip shuttle bus! You can also opt to add a basic group lesson or intermediate group lesson to make the most out of your ski trip! Learn the basics in the group lesson and spend a day at Vivaldi Park with this hassle free package!

Awesome Ski Team
✓ Ski instructors majored in Sports Education
✓ 5+ years of teaching experience
✓ Speaks intermediate to fluent English
✓ Super-friendly and fun - Kids love them!

Vivaldi Park Resort
Vivaldi park is a comprehensive resort that offers a wide variety of recreational and leisure facilities. Voted as the most visited Ski resort in Korea for seven years straight. The resort has its state-of-the art facilities to provide visitors with ultimate entertainment and leisure as well as slopes suitable for all levels and yet new facilities are added every year to maintain its reputation. It is also the closest ski resort from a Seoul and largest Ski area in Seoul metropolitan region.

✓ One of top 3 popular ski resorts
✓ Only 1 - 1.5 hour drive from Seoul
✓ Tons of entertainment facilities including karaoke, bowling alley, game arcade
✓ Variety of restaurants/food court/snack bars


Ski/Snowboard without Lesson 
:₩72,000 (For experienced skiers/snowboarders)

Ski/Snowboard with Basic Lesson

Ski with Intermediate Lesson
Intermediate Lesson is available only for Ski option.
✓ Ski clothes - Rental
✓ Ski gear (Boots, Ski plate, Poles)
   or Snowboard gear (Boots, Board) - Rental
✓ Lift ticket (10:30-16:30)
✓ Bus reservation

[Ski/Snowboard with Basic Lesson]
+ Basic Lesson (1 hour)
✗ Meal & Drinks
✗ Private ski/snowboard lesson
✗ Gloves, goggles, helmet

*Gloves : ₩15,000 (purchase)
Goggles : ₩10,000 (rental)
+ ₩10,000 (deposit)
Helmet : ₩3,000 (rental)

*Gloves, goggles, helmet fees are payable in cash.
You will get the goggles rental deposit back once you return your goggles to the staff.
**Lift Ticket
Please contact us if you want to exclude Lift Ticket  in which case 20,000 will be waived 
Without Lift Ticket, you will still have access to the end of slope. But no access to lift. This is recommended to those who want to experience skiing very lightly. Basic Lesson will take place at the end of Slope so you can still take basic lesson without lift ticket.
Intermediate Lesson
You must have Lift Ticket to take the Intermediate Lesson as the class will take place skiing down the slope with the instructor. Intermediate lesson is recommended to those who have experience in skiing so want to learn more than the basics but are looking for a cheaper option than the private lesson option.

What you will learn in the Basic Lesson (1 hour)
- Safety Rules, Etiquette
- How to put on & off your ski gears
- How to fall and get up safely
- Basic stance (sliding - slowing down - stopping)
- How to take the ski lift safely

What you will learn in the Intermediate Lesson (1 hour) 
Practice A shape and stopping on flat ground
- Sliding & Stopping on slopes
- Changing direction
1) Pflug Bogen (Basic turning keeping the A-shape)
2) Use weight balance, change leg positions for strength turning
- How to make parallel
1) Practice keeping plates together after turns
2) Balancing during turns

✓ Basic lesson is a group lesson (max 15 pax per group). If you really want to learn to ski well, please book a Private Lesson.
✓ Intermediate lesson is a group lesson (max 8 pax per group) for those who are still beginners yet have experience in skiing.
✓ Minimum age limit for Basic Lesson is 5 years old. Children under 10 years old are recommended to participate in the lesson with a guardian.
✓ No Lesson option is highly recommended for experienced skiers/boarders who can wear the gear on their own.

=> Check your level in the FAQ section below!

Itinerary Sample

No Lesson Option

Estimated Time Itinerary
Lotte Hotel
09:30am - 10:30am
Meet staff at Vivaldi Park & Rent gear
10:30am - 04:30pm Enjoy Skiing/Snowboarding
04:30pm - 05:30pm Return gear
06:00pm Depart for Seoul

Basic Lesson (Morning* or Afternoon** Class)

Estimated Time Itinerary
Lotte Hotel
09:30am - 10:00am
Arrive at Vivaldi Park
10:00am - 05:00pm [Basic Lesson - Morning]
10:00-11:15 Meet staff & Rent Gear
11:15-12:15 Basic Lesson
12:15-04:30 Enjoy Skiing/Snowboarding

[Basic Lesson - Afternoon (Ski only)]
10:00-12:00 Meet staff & Rest
12:00-01:00 Rent gear
01:00-02:00 Basic Lesson
02:00-04:30 Enjoy Skiing
04:30pm - 05:30pm Return gear
06:00pm Depart for Seoul

* Morning Basic Lesson for Ski is available in English or Chinese. If you prefer Chinese, please tick "Yes" under the question "Do you need a Chinese instructor?" at the payment page. (No Chinese available for Snowboard)
** Afternoon Basic Lesson is only available for Ski.

Ski Intermediate Lesson

Estimated TimeItinerary
Lotte Hotel
09:30am - 10:00am
Arrive at Vivaldi Park
10:00am - 11:15amMeet the staff and preparation (rental, etc)
11:15am - 12:15pmSki Intermediate Lesson (1hr)
12:15pm - 04:30pmFree Time
04:30pm - 05:30pmReturn Gear
06:00pmDepart for Seoul

✓ This schedule is for reference only and is subject to change.
✓ Traveling time may take as much as twice the normal time on Weekends and Public Holidays.

Meeting Location

✓ At Seoul: Please take a shuttle bus at Hongdae or Lotte Hotel Seoul
✓ At Vivaldi Park: Ski instructor will pick you up at the bus stop at Vivaldi Park.

07:30am Hongik Univ. Station Shuttle Pickup

08:00am Lotte Hotel Seoul (Euljiro 1-ga Station) Shuttle Pickup

=> The ski instructor will pick you up from the bus stop at Vivaldi Park.

Booking Process

Step 1 - Choose the date, meeting point, type, the number of people then proceed to the checkout page to complete payment.

Step 2 - Upon successful booking, you will receive a Voucher with confirmed information.

Step 3 - The tour staff will help you board the shuttle at Lotte Hotel Seoul or Hongdae Station. 

Step 4 - Meet the ski staff and enjoy skiing! 

If some members of your group need TRANSPORTATION ONLY (Vivaldi Shuttle Bus), please directly contact the ski tour operator (contact number will be written on voucher). If you would like us to double check, please leave us an email.

Things to Note

✓ Coin lockers are available at Vivaldi Park (₩1,000 or ₩2,000).

Intermediate Ski Lesson
✓ If the ski instructor decides you are more suitable for Basic Lesson on the day, your lesson type will be changed to basic group lesson in which case the price difference won't be reimbursed.

Cancellation Policy

✓ 100% refundable until 3 days (by 4pm K.S.T.) prior to travel date.
✓ 50% refundable until 2 days (by 4pm K.S.T.) prior to travel date.
✓ Not refundable after 4pm of 2 days prior to travel date.

✓ Change requests accepted until 3 days (by 4pm K.S.T.) prior to travel date.
After this time, you may NOT change from Ski to Snowboard, from No Lesson to Basic Lesson, or from Morning to Afternoon Basic Lesson (or vice versa).


✓ Being late or not showing up at the Meeting Point at Meeting Time is considered cancellation and NO REFUND is granted.

Bad weather

✓ Tour operates per normal even if it rains or snows. Regular Cancellation Policy will apply.
✓ Only in case of government-issued warning for natural disaster, free date change or cancellation will be allowed.


1. I am not sure which lesson would be most beneficial for me. How do I check my ski level?

Please see below for your reference. 


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